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This could be you! Have fun while running, improve your pace, and enjoy a speedier recovery after your workouts.
The Galloway Run-Walk-Run method’s unique approach is specifically designed to help runners of all fitness levels, ages, and paces complete a 5K, 10K, half marathon, or marathon without injury. This low-mileage, injury-free training program is for those who have jobs, families, and a life!
There’s a better way to go the distance – alternating walking and running from the start. Once you commit yourself to doing this, there’s probably not a distance you can’t cover. Walk breaks allow us to feel strong to the end and help us recover fast.
One of the fastest growing age groups in many parts of the running world is the 80+ division. Running is one of the few recreational activities that can often be enjoyed into advanced ages. Don’t let age (or anything else) hold you back. The Galloway Run-Walk-Run method is designed to help runners at every fitness level, age, and pace.
In an age of screen addiction and childhood obesity, kids need to get out and go for a run now more than ever. Running is a great way for families to bond, to teach young kids about what the body and mind are capable of, and to instill a lifelong love of health and fitness.
Going at it alone can be hard. The most important thing runners need for success is a strong support system. Dwight is like a lighthouse in the midst of the miles with his “aid station buffet” and high-fives. He helps our runners reach their goal happier and healthier.
Considering your first half marathon? The key is preparing your body for the distance without overdoing it and causing injury. The Galloway Run-Walk-Run method will guide you to the finish line injury-free. So, go ahead and sign up!

It’s possible to train for a long distance event and have a life. With the Jeff Galloway Training Program, you only have to make time for two 30-45 minute runs during the week and a long run on the weekend. So there is no need to worry about sacrificing time with your kids, missing your favorite television shows, or not having time to complete homework. This training program is designed to fit your life, not consume it.
Exercise to relax! Exercise increases your sense of well-being and takes your mind off of your problems. At Tulsa Galloway, we offer seven group training opportunities each week from two different locations where you can enjoy the combined benefits of exercise and fun with friends. We listen and support one another, and laugh…a lot. Drop in any time for a FREE training run and see for yourself! Our training schedule is listed on our website https://www.tulsagalloway.com/about/training-locations/.
Contrary to what you might think, interval training doesn’t mean walking when you’re tired; it means taking walk breaks when you’re not. It’s a conscious strategy or technique that you commit to from the very beginning of the workout. Many runners take their own version of walk breaks without thinking about it—they slow down at water stations or reduce their pace when they tire. Scheduling walk breaks gives you control over the race and a chance to finish stronger.
Running, at any age, offers so many positive benefits: reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression, and dementia. Contrary to what many people believe, running does not predispose joints to arthritis. In fact, walking and running can help even chronic health problems. And, by adding walk breaks to your running, you will allow your body to recover faster. One would assume that if you take walk breaks while running your pace would slow down. But, the amazing thing about this program is that by taking walk breaks — even very short ones — a runner’s time can actually improve.