Tulsa Galloway: Half & Full Marathon Training

If you’re looking to train for a half or full marathon, Tulsa Galloway is the training program for you! We follow Jeff Galloway’s highly successful Run-Walk-Run method specifically designed to help runners of all fitness levels, ages, and paces complete their goal race without injury.

The Run-Walk-Run method is scientifically proven to increase endurance and performance without injury. Our training program is designed to meet runners where they are at any fitness level, whether it’s your first half or full marathon, or you’re a veteran.

Our training program is individually tailored based upon a runner’s current pace and distance goals. Our runners are grouped by pace to provide a group fitness experience that provides support, encouragement, and accountability.

Most people have this perception that you have to be out there running for an hour and a half every day. But you don’t have to give up your career and family to run a marathon.

Marathon training doesn’t have to be a grind. By running 30-45 minutes two times a week, and by gradually increasing the length of a third weekly run (the long run) anyone can finish a marathon.