• Jeff Galloway – runDisney coach known as “America’s Coach” to over a million runners and walkers through his books, retreats, running schools, e-coaching, and training programs. Jeff was a member of the 1972 US Olympic team. He designed the run-walk method in 1973 to help beginners start running.
  • Maurine Dobson – Program Director and marathon coach. Maurine started exercising in 2012 following breast cancer. She has trained with Galloway since January 2016 via e-coaching. Maurine has completed a total of 85 races, including 31 5Ks, 28 half marathons, and 10 marathons. Her marathon and half marathon personal best times have both improved using the Run-Walk-Run method.
  • Donna Moen – Assistant Program Director and coach. Donna began running two years ago following bariatric sleeve surgery. So far, her 5K personal best time is 31:37 (10:11/mile pace) running 30/30 intervals, and her half marathon personal best time is 2:39:06 (12:08/mile pace) running 20/24 intervals.
  • Gretchen Mosley – Assistant Program Director and coach. Gretchen began running in 2011 training for her first 5K and has continued training consistently since. She has run two marathons, a 25k, and numerous half marathons. Gretchen is a huge proponent of group fitness and building friendships through training, which promotes accountability and increases joy. She attributes her running friendships with pushing her outside her comfort zone, helping her to show up to do hard things, and enriching her life in immeasurable ways.  
  • Denise Rounds – Coach.
  • Diana Hanson – Coach. Diana has trained using the Galloway method since January 2018. She has completed 4 half marathons with a personal best improvement of 15 minutes in less than a year. Diana’s mantra is “Trust the training, and enjoy the journey!”
  • Dustie Jobe – Coach. Dustie began running in her late thirties. She was introduced to the Galloway method in 2014. Dustie has completed 8 half marathons since 2008, and 2 marathons since 2017. Her one-mile personal best time is 7:30.
  • Dwight Dobson – Saturday runner support.
  • Sondra Monroe – Walking coach.